Hello Seth-Deborah,
I finished (finally) my first session.  I wanted to tell you what a terrific, comprehensive and well organized presentation you have created.  I am so excited to finish the rest!
I think this seminar will be one of the best values for my dollar that I have invested in for hypnosis!
Thank you again for all your patience with my chronic medical emergencies.  I am excited to complete this course and am even trying to see if I can go the the 2011 NGH conference.  I did attend the conference in 2009 and attended your workshop. It was very inspiring.
Angela N.

Hi Seth,
I listened to your teleseminar.  Fabulous.  You are a fabulous
teacher.  I will be tied up the weekend of your seminar (or I would
be there for sure, it sounds so interesting) so if it is offered
again and/or available on DVD or tape, please let me know.  I am
interested because I learned glove anesthesia a million years ago and
NEVER have been able to make it work.

S.S. from Texas

Dear Seth Deborah

As a recent graduate of your Medical Hypnosis Certification course, I want to write to commend you on how accessible and helpful you have been to me, post graduation. Each time I have reached out to you for advice you have responded swiftly.

I have a busy hypnosis practice, and adding Medical Hypnosis certification has attracted even more new clients. I do research to understand and help each client, and have found that your advice always adds something more. I really appreciate bringing the depth of your experience to help me co-create the most effective sessions for my clients.

Thank you! Susan S,


This was an excellent experience. The Medical Hypnosis telecourse was set up to be both convenient and efficient for the students. The instructor, Seth-Deborah Roth, is very knowledgable, very informative on medical hypnosisand the medical field in general. She has a style of teaching that makes it easy for anyone to follow. I would recommend and have already recommended the coure for the reasons I stated above. I started applying some of the information and techniques, as I was learning them, and my clients are having wonderful results. Thank you, Seth-Deborah Roth, for being so informative.
Tammy B.

What was your overall experience of this telecourse?Excellent, the material and support videos were great. Seth-Deborah did a wonderful job explaining the information and offered in depth information on how the brain and body work together. Would you recommend this seminar to others and please explain why? Yes, clear materials, delivery of information and knowledgable instructor. E.C.


"Seth Deborah Roth not only teaches an excellent and comprehensive Medical Hypnosis course, she is truly responsive to questions and student needs. I have found she gives timely ongoing support when I have reached out with client issues."

Susan S.


More thanks for the wonderful class. The action guides speak of tons of hours on your part, not to mention the vast repertoire of experience.

L. Zimmerman

What was your overall experience of this telecourse?   

-It was terrific both cost wise and information provided.  It provided me with more work in that I have more reading to do now!... but also gave me info that I do not have and for the first time in a long time I feel like I am ahead of the learning curve in my profession rather than catching up to new trends!

Would you recommend this seminar to others and please explain why? 

  First because the cost was right and the time involved in minimal. All materials are easily accessable and a person is able to go back and review multiple times. Finally the information is very timely.  I am looking forward to a follow up!! (hint Hint)


Robert M.


I saw my first "medical hypnotherapy" client this afternoon!!

She had a brain injury in 2000, but also in Dec. of 2012, she
was in a rear-ending car accident.  Pain relief is a part of what we
focused on today.  (there are other issues & aspects of course.)

I just want to thank you again for the wonderful class.  I used your
initial interview, and it brought so much up to the surface.  There
are so many valuable concepts and ideas and techniques to use....
how can I thank you enough?   

Sincerely,   Maile R.



What was your overall experience of this telecourse?


I thought the course was very thorough. It helped me understand the role of hypnosis in medical care and offered very specific guidelines on how to work with different diagnosis.


Would you recommend this seminar to others and please explain why?


Yes, especially the lay person who has no medical knowledge. I think you did a great job explaining the different illnesses.




Eilenn C.

As a RN, I really appreciated the technical language and felt that was validating on that medical level. Nurses especially know that there are differences between treating and healing and to have more tools to connect our patients to healing processes is so important. I loved this course. I highly recommend this course.


Anissa S.

A wonderful and comprehension tool kit for any Hypnosis practice….I was happy with the process and loved the information. Thank you.. Jennifer A.W



What was your overall experience of this telecourse?    I enjoyed the course. Having clocked literally thousands of hours of CE over the years it gets much harder to find hypnotherapy courses out there with quality content, as well as something you may not have heard before or at least framed differently. If you find just one good piece of information in a course like this however, it's worth the investment and this one certainly didn't disappoint. The mind-body portion of this was a very enjoyable review and was much appreciated.
Would you recommend this seminar to others?     
Although it's getting better, hypnotherapy is often not viewed as favorably as it likely should be, and unfortunately the profession has to stand accountable for some of the blame. Many practitioners and many of the trainers simply don't represent the profession in a professional manner. This course was presented in a way that while perhaps overwhelming for some students it may also serve as a wake up call. In other words, this is what we're working with, this is the sort of knowledge you need to seek to learn, and this is how you need to behave if you're planning to work with medical professionals and ask for referrals as a member of the team.-- William C


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