Pre-op & Intra-op MP3's

Note to the HypNetwork international Yahoo Group:

Hello everyone,


I just wanted to tell you all a little story about how my mum used 

Seth-Deborah's inter-operative CD during her hip replacement surgery 



Firstly, my mum has been using my own audio programmes for a while 

now and managed to slow down deterioration in her hip and manage any 

pain, which has helped to hold off the need for surgery for the last 

five years - wonderful anecodotal evidence for self-hypnosis!


So she is a real fan of self-hypnosis and, when she finally decided 

to have the op - with epidural, light sedation and headphones - she 

wanted to be able to take a hypnosis audio into the surgery with her. 

(Unfortunately, she did not want to do the entire op in hypnosis, 

although I did offer - haha!)


My mum did not want to listen to my voice during the surgery as she 

was worried that all her associations with my voice might make her 

feel emotional. I realised that I needed to quickly find a solution - 

and, of course, the first person I thought of was Seth-Deborah.


My mum had her surgery this morning. I have just spoken to her on the 

phone. She had Seth-Deborah's inter-operative CD on her iPod all the 

way down to theatre and she said that the anaesthetist was amazed at 

how easily he could administer the epidural because she was so 

relaxed. My mum said she even listened to it again in the recovery 

room because it was so helpful!


So I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Seth-Deborah for looking after 

my mum so well and I'd like to offer this testimony to the fabulous 

effectiveness of her inter-operative CD!


Very best wishes,

Sophie Nicholls


I got your surgery hypnosis CD set today, it is outstanding, I love the music in the background, and your voice is great.


Lynette Graden

 2 weeks later.....


I just wanted to tell you that your audio CD's surgery for hypnosis are fantastic, they are really helping me to remain calmer than I thought I would be even at this stage. Your voice is so comforting and maternal


Lynette Graden


A year later.....


I will never forget your audio to help me through my surgery that I had for my back. I really believe it was thanks to you that I came through that surgery so well. Thanks for your great work and your great hypnotic voice.

Lynette Graden



I have used Seth-Deborah Roth's GLIDE THROUGH SURGERY for 3 major operations - and I would never go into a operation again without using them - They are the best I have ever seen in the past 40 years of working in the Medical field - Seth's MP3's are a godsend to helping you go through your surgery and recovery....."Seth-Deborah Roth - your sessions helped me more during my major surgeries than anything else I have ever used.""

- Doc Mac

A big thank you to Seth-Deborah Roth for your surgery Mp3s. Had a fabulous lap chole (gallbladder) removal today. Staff seemed to think I wasn't being honest with them about taking some kind of medication in pre-op as I was so relaxed...snoozing away until the anaesthetist disturbed me. Surgery was at 11- and I was home in bed by 2pm. Minimal bleeding of course and feeling great. Stiff but not too sore - enjoying the post op recovery mp3 this afternoon.
Tracy Donegan

Seth-Deborah, Thank you so much for your surgery hypnosis audio products!

I had surgery yesterday morning, to remove a 10cm cyst from my upper back, and the surgeon was sure I would be in serious need of pain medication.  But thanks to your hypnosis audios, I have needed NO PAIN MEDS at all in the first 24 hours!  Not even an aspirin. 

I listened to your pre-op session maybe six times in the two days I had it, and used your GLIDE session during surgery, and I've only listened to the post-op session once, immediately afterward.  Your hypnosis work rocks! 

Thanks again,David Wynn
"I wanted you to know my surgery is over and the cyst was benign.
Everything went very smoothly. In fact, I credit so much to the apps. Normally before surgery my blood pressure is very high and I am trembling severely. Yesterday my blood pressure was very normal and there was no trembling at all. In fact, I surprised myself at how composed I was."
ftrom Lynda M.

Tracy DoneganI had the most amazing gallbladder removal last year and used Seth-Deborah Roth's wonderful Mp3s. The staff kept asking me if I had taken any medication as I was so relaxed before being wheeled in. When the anesthetist came to chat to me before we went in he had to literally wake me up...he said it was the first time he'd ever had to wake someone up right before a surgery to put them to sleep. I took pain meds for about 3 days after - one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

High I've just gone through s scary few weeks , but thanks to your MP3 it kept me going and got me through surgery whilst awake I had a keratoacanthoma was given the all clear today, my body was still recovering from galbladder operation in December, the surgeon said how fast I've healed in such a short space of time, so now to a more heather future X thank you

Karen A.

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