Medical Hypnosis Certification Telecourse

This was posted on Facebook for all to see !!!

"It is a very excellent course and anyone who wants to work with the mind-body connection for healing would be remiss in not taking it! Thank you Seth-Deborah!"

Michelle Braun CH


 I have a new client, Seth-Deborah, & pain is one of the major issues we're working on. Your class has been such a great benefit to me….forever in your debt….

Maile Rose CH

Another unsolicited post on Facebook

 It is worth every penny and more! The only way it could be better is if we were taking it face to face with you Seth! I am grateful and I am certain my clients will be!

Janie Alexander


In March of 2009, I was fortunate enough to take a two day Medical
Hypnotherapy Course, taught by Seth-Deborah Roth CRNA,CCHt.
Last week I was appointed to be an Allied Health Staff Member of The
Mendocino Coast District Hospital, as a Certified Clinical
This is the first time the Hospital has had a hypnotherapist on
staff, seeing patients on an inpatient basis. So, naturally I am
honored to have been appointed.
Seth Deborah Roth is uniquely qualified, as both a Registered Nurse
Anesthetist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist to offer comprehensive
training and guidance
on the subject of Medical Hypnosis. The course material was the
perfect adjunct to the excellent training that I'd already received.
I am very gratified that I completed
this course and appreciate Ms. Roth's generous coverage of the
subject. I highly recommend Medical Hypnosis taught by Seth Deborah Roth CRNA, CCHt

Alena Guest CMS-CHt


Hi Seth-Deborah,

Thank you so much for the wonderful telecourse you are teaching I can't
say enough about this course.

The content is relevant, well organized, current, accurate and great
information to help me best serve my clients. The fact that I can learn in
the comfort of my own home saves me lots of precious time and money.

I love to listen to your voice. You convey the information in clearly and
you stay on track.

In the past I have struggled to find classes that are really worth my time
and money. You are the answer to my prayers. I am a little embarrassed to
admit how little I have done to stay on top in this field only because of
past disappointments.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me.

Sharon O'Connor


I loved it. The information given to us is priceless. The handouts are amazing and so informative. Seth is a wonderful teacher. I learned so much. Thank you.


Kayal W.


I am finding your Medical Hypnotherapy Telecourse very helpful. I have had other trainings specializing in this field but yours is giving more useful hands-on techniques, as well as excellent reviews of the underlying science.

I am most grateful for your help. 

Karl M.


WOW !! Thank you so much for putting together this Medical Hypnosis Course.

Hi Seth Deborah,
I was glad that I listened to the modules before I was able to download the Exam. It meant listening to them twice - which was ideal. I enjoyed every module and looked forward to hearing your voice. You paced your voice and the info so nicely. 
Your offerings and professional expertise have been so helpful.. I so enjoyed the pace of the class, your candor, your personal stories, all the adjunct techniques and form letter examples, and we ll, everything. Your passion for the profession and quality teaching, as your care for the student came through at all times. It is clear that it is so up to date. I really feel prepared.

Mary Vilcheck, LCSW, CLL 


I am really enjoying your course, and appreciate the ability to listen to
the talk at a convenient time.

Pat S.


I want to thank you for the wonderful training. I feel that I
have learned so much. It has increased my confidence in hypnosis and given
me some great tools.

Norene L.


Thank you very much for sending the course.  I've safely downloaded it on my computer. 
I've been enjoying it and much appreciating all the thought and care (and range and depth of expertise) you put into the course.   This will make it much easier to start my practice and leave me feeling much more confident.
Selma R.

I wish to let you know that I have been assisting Helen Yu with english understanding of your telephone course and written handouts over the past weeks. Helen has enjoyed your clsass so much. It is similar to the Qi Gong healing classes she has taken in Harbin, China.

Because she has enjoyed your class so much, she has signed up for an intense 100 hour 2 week certification

Kevin S.



The training was very informative, you gave so much information and insight that I feel confident as a Medical Hypnotherapist.
The manual is field with powerful tools that I will defiantly use for my clients and myself.

I would like to stay in contact with you for further information and other trainings!

Cindi T.

Hi Seth-Deborah,

I am really enjoying your course it is one of the best I've taken!

Kellie S.


Congratulations with the Scrubs Magazine interview. Having done your medical hypnosis teleseminar I know how great your work is. Unfortunately we don't get the magazine here in Australia but I hope it spreads the word of your wonderful achievements.

Warm Regards
Di Gardner


I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the course and amazed at the breath and depth of material, the richness of which will keep challenging and informing me for months to come.  This course offered so much more than I had anticipated, and from an instructor whose knowledge base  is second to none. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Seth-Deborah’s course.  What a gift!  

-- Kathy S.


This was a wonderful course! It filled in the gaps and details I had around the medical aspect of hypnotherapy. I’m very glad I found this course and I am so grateful to Seth-Deborah Roth for the material and for how approachable and helpful she has been with any questions I have. I am now able to explain the medical hypnosis portion of my work with clients on a much deeper and richer level. Thank you.

Anna Walker

" I am so pleased to be studying with Seth-Deborah, who has more than 4 decades experience in the field of nursing, and sooo much experience helping clients through the use of hypnotherapy."--Maile Rose

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