IBS Hypnosis Certification course


Hi Seth-Deborah
I have now completed the IBS Hypnotherapy Course. I would like to share some thoughts and observations regarding the course, and have also attached my completed IBS Hypnotherapy Course Exam form.
First of all I would like to put my hand on my heart and say that this course has been a complete game changer for me!
I am nearing the end of my studies to qualify as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and, subject to successful completion of my final assessment, will qualify for a Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy which is a formal Australian Government recognised qualification. For some time I have been trying to plan how to take my professional career forward after qualification, and much of the advice I got from people referred to needing to find my "niche" and "specialise" but I found nothing that really interested me enough to focus on. By chance I saw an advertisement from a clinic seeking to employ a hypnotherapist who specialised in gut directed hypnotherapy. In my training I had not heard of this work and so I did some quick searches and came across the work completed in the US and UK to help people with IBS. I found this very interesting and was very impressed with the large amount of medical research which supported the efficacy of this treatment. I made a post in a Facebook group regarding this subject and asked if anyone knew of how to access training regarding IBS hypnotherapy and fortunately I was sent a link to your website. I subsequently signed up and have now completed your course. Now that I have completed it I am fully committed to making IBS Hypnotherapy an area to specialise in and it really feels that my niche has now found me! This has helped give me some enormous clarity around my future career/business planning as I have a specific area to focus on and develop further my knowledge in.
I found your course to be a fantastic learning resource for me and it quickly gave me an indication of the credibility that this type of treatment has. I have to admit that the first module was very challenging for me, as I come from a non-medical background and so there was a need for me to listen through it a few times and read (and re-read!) the supporting notes until I began to understand the principles you were describing. Although it was hard work, I appreciated the detail and understood the need to be able to understand the basic principles of the condition that I will be trying to help people with. There was a significant amount of detail but I felt that this was fully appropriate and increased my respect for the course. I have done previous distance learning/online courses that have too much padding and skimp on the really important issues, a feeling which I never experienced with your course. I felt that the explanations and the way that you presented the information was very good and I was very impressed with the amount of detail contained in this first module.
Module 2 was equally well structured and I felt able to understand the information due to the initial grounding received from Module 1. I enjoyed learning more about IBS, particularly gaining an awareness regarding the tests/diagnosis and the impact it has on people's lives. This was very important to me, in order to be able to understand the road that clients have travelled and to be able to empathise with them effectively. I thought that the list of IBS Hypnotherapy research sources and summaries was a great addition - as someone who does not have any medical qualifications, I can see how beneficial this concise list will be when meeting with medical professionals as a reference to recognised research.
Module 3 was particularly impressive and I think that I enjoyed this module the most. In addition to building more knowledge regarding treating IBS with hypnotherapy, I also gained some great benefits regarding therapeutic treatments; I loved the sections regarding the Eye Movement Technique, EFT, Root Cause Tapping Technique and Bilateral Stimulation and could imagine using these to help clients with a variety of presenting issues. I also really gained a lot from the Regression and Parts Therapy sections and found the methods described really felt natural to use within my hypnotherapy.
Module 4 I found to be a great resource for delivering the therapy but also I did not expect the information regarding marketing and making contact with Doctors, which was extremely useful. As I now expected, the scripts were very comprehensive and of a high quality and scripts that I could relate to.
Overall, I really enjoyed this course. I gained a huge amount of knowledge and went from knowing nothing about this subject, to becoming someone who is now actively planning on how to create a career from this specialised area of hypnotherapy. I found the level of information to have exceeded all of my expectations and felt that the course was incredible value for the the amount of content.
I am very grateful to have found your course and so glad that I decided to sign up for it. It has changed my future plans and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody!!
Paul E.

Copyright (c) 2007 Seth-Deborah Roth
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