Since 1995 the National Institute of Health has strongly recommended hypnosis to treat insomnia (“Integration,” 1995).

For those with sleep apnea, hypnosis can be used to diminish the sensation of wearing the CPAP mask.

I myself suffered with insomnia for many years. Hypnosis is what worked! I will teach you about the necessary "good sleep hygiene" habits that you need, then we will go on to using hypnosis to reach your subconscious mind.

A recent study performed at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine’s Sleep Disorders Center wanted to find out if hypnotherapy would be useful as a treatment for parasomnias. Researchers followed 36 patients for a five-year period to see if hypnotherapy alleviated parasomnias and caused lasting change.

Thirty-six patients suffering from a range of parasomnias and ranging in age from 6 to 71 years took part in the study. Children are more susceptible to parasomnias than adults, and 4 of the study participants were aged 6 to 16 years. Each patient was administered 1 to 2 hypnotherapy sessions. Follow-up assessments were given at 1 month, 18 months, and 5 years.

At 1 month post-hypnotherapy, 45.4% of the patients were free of all parasomnia symptoms. At 18 months, 42.2% were symptom-free, and at 5 years 40.5% were still without parasomnia incident. Researchers concluded that hypnotherapy is indeed a viable treatment for parasomnias.

This may also point to hypnotherapy as a way to alleviate stress or depression. Because stress and depression are common causes of parasomnias, the hypnotherapy may be working because it reduces the underlying stress or depression.

Some patients don’t respond to hypnotherapy; certain people are just more susceptible to the hypnotic state. Still, the results of this study positively favor the use of hypnotherapy as a relatively cost effective and side effect free option for treating parasomnias.


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