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Did you know that November is National Stop Smoking Month !            
Hypnosis patients are more than twice as likely to quit smoking. According to a University of Iowa report, in 600 different studies involving 72,000 people across America and Europe, hypnosis was three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone.

But did you know.......Starting young may make it harder to quit smoking as an adult. New research reveals nicotine actually changes the cells in the brains of young smokers.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center exposed young and middle-aged people to nicotine and compared their responses to nicotine exposure. They report the younger subjects, especially males, had a
pronounced breakdown of nerve cell membranes in the brain. These changes could alter the "hardwiring" of the brain and make an addiction to nicotine in adult years more likely.

One in four teenagers are smokers in the United States. While this number is down from years past, some experts say not enough is being done to help the teens who are actively addicted to nicotine.

I encourage all you hypnotists out there, to go and market yourselves to the high schools. Put an article in the school newspaper! A win-win situation.

And did you know..... heavy smoking may reduce female fertility by directly affecting the uterus -- making it less receptive and reducing the chances the embryo will implant, according to research published online (Thursday 9 November) in Europe's leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction.

The finding, comes as a result of comparing the pregnancy rates between non-heavy smokers and heavy smokers, all of whom received donated eggs.

Smoking has long been known to affect female fertility, but this study is the first to examine the impact of smoking in women who have received donated eggs. The allows the most objective assessment of <em>the role of the uterus </em>in the outcome of IVF.

The researchers studied all the first cycles of egg-donated IVF treatments  741 in non-heavy smokers (under 10 cigarettes a day) and 44 in heavy smokers (over 10 a day). None of the women's partners were smokers and none of the egg donors were heavy smokers. The two groups of recipients were comparable and the number of embryos transferred in each cycle (between one and three) was also comparable between the groups.

Lead researcher Dr  Soares, said: "The non-heavy smokers had a significantly higher pregnancy rate, with over half becoming pregnant (52.2%), compared with just over a third (34.1%) of the heavy smokers. This means we have confirmed previous data that show light smoking has no significant impact on IVF cycles, either through affecting the egg or the uterus. However, heavy smokers have a much lower chance of achieving pregnancy. The fact that we see this result in a situation in which the egss were donated by other women demonstrates that cigarette smoking negatively affects the receptiveness of the uterus independently of its effect on ovarian function, and this is a new finding. The clinical implications of the findings were clear. Tobacco makes the uterus less likely to accept an embryo."

We should now let our clients know, if they are heavy smokers, that even if fertilization takes place, they have less chance of achieving a successful pregnancy, whether they are trying to conceive naturally, or through IVF, and particularly with donated eggs.

One more reason for females to use hypnosis to stop smoking NOW!

And just in case you missed it.......if you would like to see the video of part of a smoking cessation session with hypnotist, Paul McKenna , and Ellen Degeneres.

Here it is:


Two Interesting Urology Hypnosis cases:

The first case, was a lady who presented with stones in both her kidney and ureter. They were stuck and quite painful! During hypnosis, I asked her "Wise Mind" about the stones and if their was something she needed to pay attention to regarding them. The issue of anger came up. This led to using Time Line Therapy to regress to the first time she ever felt those feelings and get the positive learnings. What she learnt was to "Just let go". Suggestions of changing the chemistry of her body to eat the outside of the stones away where given along with suggestions and reinforcement of "just letting go". A few weeks later she called and let me know the stones that were "unpassable" had passed.

The second case, was a man with a urgency of urination whenever he had to go someplace. He had gone to a Urologist and there was no Urology pathology going on. (This is a very important step when dealing with medical issues!) Utilizing Time Line Therapy, he remembered a time when he was 7, in which he had diarrhea on a bus trip and had dirtied his pants and felt totally out of control and that he "wasn't okay". On his own, he regressed further back to a time when he was 4 years old and wet the bed. Once again, he felt out of control and that he wasn't okay. We got the positive learnings that he needed to get that he WAS okay. Upon emerging from hypnosis he still wanted to know why the urgency suddenly happened six years ago. An instant induction followed immediately and I asked him to go into his mind with a "Magic Flashlight " to search fo the reason. He instantly opened his eyes with full knowledge! He had lost his job and this was a way for him to be okay and to be in control! Since I always teach each and every client  E.F.T. , he had a great tool to use for any future feelings of not being okay or not being in control. His bladder problem is gone and he knows how powerful hypnotherapy can be if he wants to work more deeply.


And now a word from our sponsor......

I will be teaching my "jam packed" two day Medical Hypnosis Certification course once again at the Hypnotherapy Center in Oakland, California. Nursing ceu's are available. Contact Marilyn Gordon at the Hypnotherapy Center at 1-(800)-398-0034 or email for information: . The class will be given February 10th and 11th.

 Here is a comment from one of my attendees:

Seth, I just read your newsletter and I saw that you received an acknowledgement from Marilyn Gordon's School. I am taking this opportunity to tell you that I was in class last Feb when you came in and spent sometime sharing your information and experiences. I was truly impressed with you and your knowledge during that one session and found myself wanting to attend more seminars that you teach. During those many weeks of class you were the one that really stood out for me. Thanks so much for sharing yourself & congratulations. - Jan Maskell

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What a wonderful way to help someone develop mindful eating and loose the guilt.
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