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April 2007

This Months Newletter deals with implications of stress.

As hypnotherapists we help people to deal with stress. Whether smoking, weight management, pain control, anxieties, phobias, or fear of public speaking we help our clients rid themselves of certain stressors or at least react to them differently. In my opinion, it is our area of expertise! Therefore, I thought I would talk about two specific areas in which stress affects our health. This information can be helpful to your own knowledge but also to knowledge that you can impart to your clients.

Stress May Help Cancer Cells Resist Treatment

From Wake Forest University School of Medicine, on April 11th 2007, it has just been reported that the stress hormone epinephrine causes changes in prostate and breast cancer cells that may make them resistant to cell death.

Dr. Kulik, who is an assistant professor of cellulare biology involved with the project beieves that the study results implies that emotional stress may contribute to the development of cancer and may also reduce the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

It is known that levels of epinephrine, (which is produced by the adrenal glands) are sharply increased in response to stressful situations and can remain continuously elevated during persistent stress and depression.

'If stress is linked to cancer, what is the cellular mechanism?'

Studying prostate and breast cancer cells in the laboratory, Kulik and colleagues found that a protein called BAD -- which causes cell death -- becomes inactive when cancer cells are exposed to epinephrine.

"A study from Canada showed that men who took beta blockers for hypertension for at least four years had an 18 percent lower risk of prostate cancer," said Kulik. "These drugs block the effects of epinephrine, which could explain the finding. Another study of men after radical prostatectomy reported increased mood disturbances, which are often associated with elevated stress hormones. Although these studies do not directly address the role of stress hormones, they suggest that stress hormones may play an important role in prostate cancer."

Kulik said, "It may be important for patients who have increased responses to stress to learn to manage the effects. And, the results point to the possibility of developing an intervention to block the effects of epinephrine."

My thoughts are let hypnotherapists be a major part in that intervention!

The study results are reported on-line in the Journal of Biological Chemistry and will appear in a future print issue.

People who respond poorly to stress may see their cholesterol levels shoot up years later.


A study shows that people who respond to stress poorly years later may see their cholesterol levels shoot up.The ultimate effect is relatively small, but researchers say that this it is yet another reason to get a handle on runaway anxiety.

"I would be surprised if the effects of stress were as big as the impact of lifestyle on cholesterol," said the lead author of the study, Dr. Andrew Steptoe of the University College London. "What this study does is help us understand exactly how stress is linked with heart disease."

Chronic stress is associated with a range of problems, including heart attacks, the common cold and even a shorter life expectancy. Steptoe's study, published in Health Psychology, looked at nearly 200 middle-aged men and women to see if stressful events triggered higher cholesterol three years later.

After having their cholesterol levels measured, the participants were put through a series of mild, nerve-rattling tests, such as picking the correct names of various colors that were rapidly flashing on a computer screen. They were tracked for changes in heart rate and other signs to see how they handled the pressure.  

Three years later, the researchers measured cholesterol levels again. As can be generally expected with growing older, all showed higher levels than before. However, those who had the highest stress response to the test also had the highest cholesterol levels three years later. Compared to participants who seemed to take the tests in stride, the most stressed-out group was three times more likely to have dangerously high LDL, or bad cholesterol, down the road.

No one can avoid stress completely, the key is how you handle it. This is where hypnotherapists can help!

It is the combination of exposure to stressful conditions and the way in which we respond to those conditions that is crucial.

This spike in cholesterol that was found was independent of the usual culprits, like being overweight or smoking. Steptoe suggests that stress may produce more nervous energy in the form of harmful fatty acids and sugar, or it may even interfere with the body's ability to get rid of cholesterol. The rise in cholesterol was relatively modest, Steptoe added, at least in comparison to a poor diet or other causes.

With stress linked to heart problems already, higher cholesterol is the last thing anyone would need. ================================================================================

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Two days of shooting and lots of editing! It was a little unusual due to the use of EEG leads and very, very, bright lights that were bothering my subjects. I wasn't allowed to do a pre-talk or tell them anything about hypnosis.

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Posted – Apr 15 6:16pm by Seth

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