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Attending My Seminars
I just read your newsletter and I saw that you received an acknowledgement
from Marilyn Gordon's School. I am taking this opportunity to tell you that I was in
class last Feb when you came in and spent sometime sharing your information and
experiences. I was truly impressed with you and your knowledge during that one
session and found myself wanting to attend more seminars that you teach. During
those many weeks of class you were the one that really stood out for me. Thanks so
much for sharing yourself & congratulations.
- Jan Maskell -
Congratulations Seth !  I am honored to have had the opportunity to attend your
Medical hypnosis workshop in July .
 Many Blessings
JoAnna, Sparks, NV -
I had been very nervous and intimidated thinking about working with a particular client that was coming in the next week to work on the
anxiety around his blood pressure. I decided instead of sitting in my panic I would call you and ask you for some advise. You walked me
through the process again with patience and understanding. I think the light bulb moment for me was when you shared with me that this sometimes
happens to you. That was all I needed to hear. I had gotten into a lot of inner chatter about what I should know and what I was lacking. I
realized I was normal and I no longer wanted to give this thing any energy. The session went well. The client faithfully listened to the
CD everyday and passed his physical exam without any problems.Thank you for all of your support and kindness. I learned that my
fears may still come and go at times and I that I will be okay.

Many thanks and blessings,
Betty N.-
Your presentation last Saturday was excellent - Thank you !
The information is wonderful and I am very excited to put this new knowledge to use!
Pam J.
I attended Solid Gold & appreciated your presentation very much. You were fantastic.
Thank y
Jeannice P.
Thank you so much. Your class in Medical Hypnosis far exceeded my expectations. I sincerely appreciate you

sharing your expertise so elequently.

Cynthia H.
I was so impressed with your talk as I am sure everyone was, and what a role model you are to all of us with
what you have done and all the wonderful books, CDs and DVD you have created for us!!!! I thank you a million times for all your efforts and for coming to Oregon to do this.
Janie M.
 Seth-Deborah brings professional insight, practical experience and extremely useful information to her presentation. I highly reccommend learning from her. Mike Schulman

Speaking About Phantom Pain

Dear Seth,

You were a FANTASTIC hit. You held everybody's attention for 30 minutes past
our usual program ending time. Your information, expertise, professional
approach and friendly demeanor dazzled ALL of us.

And....we absorbed EVERYTHING!

The following day here in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek I was reliving the
experience with members of the Computer Club where I teach Computer Science.
You will probably hear from Monte Hall & Gene Gould as future clients. I
gave your Web Site to both men (in their 80s).

Thank you Seth. You have no idea how many people you taught, changed minds
and helped on Sunday.

Dan Sorkin
Chief Stump

2nd time speaking at "Stumps R Us"

Seth Deborah Roth was absolutely spellbinding. Her presentation captured the
imagination and convinced a majority of skeptics that Hypnotherapy was a
viable solution, preferable to medication...even in some

The primary question of the Phantom Pain solution in Hypnotherapy was
digested positively by ALL of us.

It was a well worthwhile session for which I remain deeply grateful.

Dan Sorkin

Pain Symposium at Seton Hospital
Hi Seth-Deborah,

Thank You!! Everyone enjoyed your talk so very much; I believe you were one of the most favorites of the day. I hope to be able to invite you back next year. It was great to meet you after so many emails as well.

Thanks so much,

Susan Boudewyn R.N.
Clinical Nurse Educator
Clinical Education Department
Seton Hospital
Daly City, CA


Hello Seth-Deborah,
I finished (finally) my first session.  I wanted to tell you what a terrific, comprehensive and well organized presentation you have created.  I am so excited to finish the rest!
I think this seminar will be one of the best values for my dollar that I have invested in for hypnosis!
Thank you again for all your patience with my chronic medical emergencies.  I am excited to complete this course and am even trying to see if I can go the the 2011 NGH conference.  I did attend the conference in 2009 and attended your workshop. It was very inspiring.
Angela N.

Hi Seth,
I listened to your teleseminar.  Fabulous.  You are a fabulous
teacher.  I will be tied up the weekend of your seminar (or I would
be there for sure, it sounds so interesting) so if it is offered
again and/or available on DVD or tape, please let me know.  I am
interested because I learned glove anesthesia a million years ago and
NEVER have been able to make it work.

S.S. from Texas

Dear Seth Deborah

As a recent graduate of your Medical Hypnosis Certification course, I want to write to commend you on how accessible and helpful you have been to me, post graduation. Each time I have reached out to you for advice you have responded swiftly.

I have a busy hypnosis practice, and adding Medical Hypnosis certification has attracted even more new clients. I do research to understand and help each client, and have found that your advice always adds something more. I really appreciate bringing the depth of your experience to help me co-create the most effective sessions for my clients.

Thank you! Susan S,


This was an excellent experience. The Medical Hypnosis telecourse was set up to be both convenient and efficient for the students. The instructor, Seth-Deborah Roth, is very knowledgable, very informative on medical hypnosisand the medical field in general. She has a style of teaching that makes it easy for anyone to follow. I would recommend and have already recommended the coure for the reasons I stated above. I started applying some of the information and techniques, as I was learning them, and my clients are having wonderful results. Thank you, Seth-Deborah Roth, for being so informative.
Tammy B.

What was your overall experience of this telecourse?Excellent, the material and support videos were great. Seth-Deborah did a wonderful job explaining the information and offered in depth information on how the brain and body work together. Would you recommend this seminar to others and please explain why? Yes, clear materials, delivery of information and knowledgable instructor. E.C.


"Seth Deborah Roth not only teaches an excellent and comprehensive Medical Hypnosis course, she is truly responsive to questions and student needs. I have found she gives timely ongoing support when I have reached out with client issues."

Susan S.


More thanks for the wonderful class. The action guides speak of tons of hours on your part, not to mention the vast repertoire of experience.

L. Zimmerman

What was your overall experience of this telecourse?   

-It was terrific both cost wise and information provided.  It provided me with more work in that I have more reading to do now!... but also gave me info that I do not have and for the first time in a long time I feel like I am ahead of the learning curve in my profession rather than catching up to new trends!

Would you recommend this seminar to others and please explain why? 

  First because the cost was right and the time involved in minimal. All materials are easily accessable and a person is able to go back and review multiple times. Finally the information is very timely.  I am looking forward to a follow up!! (hint Hint)


Robert M.


I saw my first "medical hypnotherapy" client this afternoon!!

She had a brain injury in 2000, but also in Dec. of 2012, she
was in a rear-ending car accident.  Pain relief is a part of what we
focused on today.  (there are other issues & aspects of course.)

I just want to thank you again for the wonderful class.  I used your
initial interview, and it brought so much up to the surface.  There
are so many valuable concepts and ideas and techniques to use....
how can I thank you enough?   

Sincerely,   Maile R.



What was your overall experience of this telecourse?


I thought the course was very thorough. It helped me understand the role of hypnosis in medical care and offered very specific guidelines on how to work with different diagnosis.


Would you recommend this seminar to others and please explain why?


Yes, especially the lay person who has no medical knowledge. I think you did a great job explaining the different illnesses.




Eilenn C.

As a RN, I really appreciated the technical language and felt that was validating on that medical level. Nurses especially know that there are differences between treating and healing and to have more tools to connect our patients to healing processes is so important. I loved this course. I highly recommend this course.


Anissa S.

A wonderful and comprehension tool kit for any Hypnosis practice….I was happy with the process and loved the information. Thank you.. Jennifer A.W



What was your overall experience of this telecourse?    I enjoyed the course. Having clocked literally thousands of hours of CE over the years it gets much harder to find hypnotherapy courses out there with quality content, as well as something you may not have heard before or at least framed differently. If you find just one good piece of information in a course like this however, it's worth the investment and this one certainly didn't disappoint. The mind-body portion of this was a very enjoyable review and was much appreciated.
Would you recommend this seminar to others?     
Although it's getting better, hypnotherapy is often not viewed as favorably as it likely should be, and unfortunately the profession has to stand accountable for some of the blame. Many practitioners and many of the trainers simply don't represent the profession in a professional manner. This course was presented in a way that while perhaps overwhelming for some students it may also serve as a wake up call. In other words, this is what we're working with, this is the sort of knowledge you need to seek to learn, and this is how you need to behave if you're planning to work with medical professionals and ask for referrals as a member of the team.-- William C


Results from a Demonstration of Hypnosis at a Seminar
Hi Seth
Well- it is amazing. My left hand still feels better this morning
after last night's hypnosis. I am getting ready to do a self hypnosis
when I finish this email. I would like to get the CD before next
Wed. so I can have it for my surgery.

Mariah H.
Medical Hypnosis Certification Telecourse

This was posted on Facebook for all to see !!!

"It is a very excellent course and anyone who wants to work with the mind-body connection for healing would be remiss in not taking it! Thank you Seth-Deborah!"

Michelle Braun CH


 I have a new client, Seth-Deborah, & pain is one of the major issues we're working on. Your class has been such a great benefit to me….forever in your debt….

Maile Rose CH

Another unsolicited post on Facebook

 It is worth every penny and more! The only way it could be better is if we were taking it face to face with you Seth! I am grateful and I am certain my clients will be!

Janie Alexander


In March of 2009, I was fortunate enough to take a two day Medical
Hypnotherapy Course, taught by Seth-Deborah Roth CRNA,CCHt.
Last week I was appointed to be an Allied Health Staff Member of The
Mendocino Coast District Hospital, as a Certified Clinical
This is the first time the Hospital has had a hypnotherapist on
staff, seeing patients on an inpatient basis. So, naturally I am
honored to have been appointed.
Seth Deborah Roth is uniquely qualified, as both a Registered Nurse
Anesthetist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist to offer comprehensive
training and guidance
on the subject of Medical Hypnosis. The course material was the
perfect adjunct to the excellent training that I'd already received.
I am very gratified that I completed
this course and appreciate Ms. Roth's generous coverage of the
subject. I highly recommend Medical Hypnosis taught by Seth Deborah Roth CRNA, CCHt

Alena Guest CMS-CHt


Hi Seth-Deborah,

Thank you so much for the wonderful telecourse you are teaching I can't
say enough about this course.

The content is relevant, well organized, current, accurate and great
information to help me best serve my clients. The fact that I can learn in
the comfort of my own home saves me lots of precious time and money.

I love to listen to your voice. You convey the information in clearly and
you stay on track.

In the past I have struggled to find classes that are really worth my time
and money. You are the answer to my prayers. I am a little embarrassed to
admit how little I have done to stay on top in this field only because of
past disappointments.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me.

Sharon O'Connor


I loved it. The information given to us is priceless. The handouts are amazing and so informative. Seth is a wonderful teacher. I learned so much. Thank you.


Kayal W.


I am finding your Medical Hypnotherapy Telecourse very helpful. I have had other trainings specializing in this field but yours is giving more useful hands-on techniques, as well as excellent reviews of the underlying science.

I am most grateful for your help. 

Karl M.


WOW !! Thank you so much for putting together this Medical Hypnosis Course.

Hi Seth Deborah,
I was glad that I listened to the modules before I was able to download the Exam. It meant listening to them twice - which was ideal. I enjoyed every module and looked forward to hearing your voice. You paced your voice and the info so nicely. 
Your offerings and professional expertise have been so helpful.. I so enjoyed the pace of the class, your candor, your personal stories, all the adjunct techniques and form letter examples, and we ll, everything. Your passion for the profession and quality teaching, as your care for the student came through at all times. It is clear that it is so up to date. I really feel prepared.

Mary Vilcheck, LCSW, CLL 


I am really enjoying your course, and appreciate the ability to listen to
the talk at a convenient time.

Pat S.


I want to thank you for the wonderful training. I feel that I
have learned so much. It has increased my confidence in hypnosis and given
me some great tools.

Norene L.


Thank you very much for sending the course.  I've safely downloaded it on my computer. 
I've been enjoying it and much appreciating all the thought and care (and range and depth of expertise) you put into the course.   This will make it much easier to start my practice and leave me feeling much more confident.
Selma R.

I wish to let you know that I have been assisting Helen Yu with english understanding of your telephone course and written handouts over the past weeks. Helen has enjoyed your clsass so much. It is similar to the Qi Gong healing classes she has taken in Harbin, China.

Because she has enjoyed your class so much, she has signed up for an intense 100 hour 2 week certification

Kevin S.



The training was very informative, you gave so much information and insight that I feel confident as a Medical Hypnotherapist.
The manual is field with powerful tools that I will defiantly use for my clients and myself.

I would like to stay in contact with you for further information and other trainings!

Cindi T.

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Free Breathing

I had a breathing obstruction, or so I thought. I was amazed when Seth helped me realize where that tight feeling in my chest was coming from.

It released during the session. I feel so much better.  I tried everything before, different medications presribed by doctors, massage therapy, relaxation but nothing worked. It feels so good to be able to breath comfortably.

Kerri P.

Exzema GONE

"After suffering for years my exzema was changing by the end of the session.

I had been carrying around the reason for my exzema for years but was unaware. Once I became aware of the circumstances, everything changed. I found new ways to take care of myself. I am comfortable within my own skin now."

Michelle X..

Heartfelt Thanks

"Seth-Deborah helped my husband prepare for his heart surgery.

He couldn't sleep and couldn't get his blood pressure down. She made him a pre-op tape and he was able to finally sleep and lower his blood pressure. Even our bird fell asleep. Seth-Deborah also made a recovery tape which we played over and over again. He was not supposed to survive the surgery, but he is now home and has been so thankful to Seth-Deborah. She really knew all about the surgery and the recovery situations and machinery."

Madeleine M

What a nice email I just received from one of my afternoon clients: It is why we do what we do, isn't it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you -- for the extra time, caring, and compassion you showed me today. Know this... you are making a difference!
Thanks again! :-)
Kindest regards,
Eric R.

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Excellent Teaching

Thanks for the excellent teaching. The students love your medical program. 

Marilyn Gordon
I was at your workshop today in Lake Oswego.
Thank you for an excellent presentation today. I hope you had a safe trip home.

Johanna C.
Infertility and Now Pregnancy

"Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. Our session together has filled me with peace! I look forward to listening to the tape to return to that calm place. I feel so positive with this pregnancy."

Michelle M.

please note: Michelle now has a wonderful baby boy!

" I saw Seth because I was having trouble sleeping for several weeks and had
just about tried everything, including sleeping medication. I knew I needed
to eventually get off my sleep meds since I was going through fertility
treatments and trying hypnosis seemed like a good option and really my last

I had a great experience with Seth.  I was able to get off all my medication and continue my
fertility treatment where I got pregnant in the next cycle! So I highly
recommend Seth as a hypnotherapist. She has extensive training and has a
real talent in hypnosis!"


Still Smoke Free

Hi Seth,

Just a quick note to let you know that I am still smoke free!  I'm now
into my 25th day and feeling pretty good.  It's getting easier by the day.  Also, no weight gain! 
Thanks again for all your help.

Take care, 
Gail McC.

Stopped Smoking and More
I now wish to thank you for your expertise and support.  Your energy and confidence have been a major influence on my  behavior.  You have given me tools that enable me to respond to stressors  in a positive way - please believe that I shall continue to use them without fail.  I am still a non-smoker and plan to remain precisely that :)
Contact with you has been both challenging and enlightening.  Your guidance has been invaluable.  I plan to keep you informed about my progress.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've been and all you've done.
Most sincerely,
Jackie Houston
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No Withdrawals from Stopping Smoking
I would like to just say Thank You sooo much! After my one treatment, I have now been completely smoke free for the past 5 months. I had ben a smoker for almost 12 years. The past 5 months have been amazing. No withdrawals of any kind and the freedom that I now have is unsurpassed. Thank you so much for helping me beat that terrible addiction.

Richie Dinubilo
Diabetic Stomach Problem

"I have Type I diabetes. I went to Seth-Deborah for a condition called Diabetic Gastrophoresis. I couldn't work full time because I was vomiting every morning for 2-3 hours. After the very first session I was doing much better. By the second session I was able to enjoy my mornings once again. I now have a full time job and am so glad I found Seth-Deborah."

Kilene M.

Releasing Weight and Old Habits

I've been seeing Seth-Deborah since my lap-band surgery to keep me on the
road to weight loss. So far I've lost twenty two pounds and with
Seth-Deborah's help I am chipping away at all the bad eating habits I've
built up over a lifetime. It's like turning off a eating switch and I 
highly recommend her and the therapy.  

Dawn A. Reis RN
Chronic Conditions Department
Kaiser Permanente-Richmond

Your Weight Loss CD Works !!

Hi Seth-Deborah,

 I just wanted to give you some feedback on my experience with the CD. I got it at the Oakland seminar you did...whenever that was...last summer, sometime. I've listened to it 2x a nite ever since. Put it on when I go to bed and again when I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the nite. About 6 wks to 2 mos after I started listening to it, my sugar addiction....which I've had since ...disappeared. I've always eaten pretty healthy, except for the sugar....but, I've noticed a definite change in my body really wanting more vegetables in my salad than usual. Instead of eating the big salad ( I only eat raw vegetables) because it was "good for me"...or, let me say, more intellect's much more body directed now. I find this very interesting.

I'd love to know what kind of feedback you are getting about it. I have hypnosis "fat cure" tapes dating back to the 70's with Emmett Miller MD., Bella Naparstek, and many others...but!!! this one is the first one that I've actually experienced an effect. So thank you for that.

I forgot to mention that I have lost pounds without a struggle.

 Mikki Broughton

Love the CD's
Thank you so much for sharing your absolute beauty. I love the CD's. You are great at what you do.   
Cindi B.
Diet is a Four Letter Word CD
Hi There Seth Deborah! 

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Bedwetting Relief
"I just wanted to give you an update. Ian has had 11-12 dry nights in the last 2 weeks. Yea!!  The string of good nights actually started when we went down to my Dad's house for my step-mom's funeral and I had broken my foot the day before.  The alarm and the hypnotherapy together I think was the solution for Ian. He had the alarm on for about 9-10 of the dry nights and the alarm got left at his dad's house so he has had 2 nights dry without the alarm. He feels great!
Thanks you so much. "
Amy L.
Imagine having dinner with your child who has enueresis and he pours himself a huge glass of milk and you don't think twice about it. My 9 1/2 half year old son has gone through hypnotherapy with Seth-Deborah Roth and is dry at night. We have worked for five years to help him be dry at night with no success; withholding liquids after 4 in the afternoon, waking him up at night multiple times, using the bedwetting alarm only to find him soundly asleep, wet, with the alarm sounding time and time again. We did make sure that he had no physical problems before we began therapy with Seth-Deborah. Our son was dry 5 of seven nights from the first week of treatment, and the success only increase to being totally dry after 3 sessions. Seth-Deborah has a calm and gentle way that made our son trust her and follow her wise words of encouragement. Furthermore, the hypnotherapy has helped him with his focus during sports games and homework. We are so very grateful to Seth-Deborah and so glad to see our son so proud of himself. He has gained a tool he will be able to use for the rest of his life.

Thrilled Parents  (Jana C.)
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Six Years of Whining Resolved in a Few Hours. Amazing! Procrastination and Fruit

I really want to say thank you for your services.  All my life, I had issues
with procrastination - and the fact that you were able to bring that out,
and get me going is amazing.  I never knew that was at the root of my
issues.  Six years of whining on a therapists couch about my life and
ex-wife are resolved in a few hours - and a lot less money.

We had two sessions at my request.  The first session dealt with my issues
of inequality in society, and my love of burritos.  Well, I am OK with the
inequalities, and have almost stopped eating burritos and now opt for tacos,
taco salads, or enchiladas.  The really funny thing is that I now eat fruit
daily - three weeks straight with fruit.  Before, I would go for months
without fruit sometimes!

In the second session, you/we rooted out that I need to stop
procrastinating.  I am no longer overwhelmed when I see a big mess and don't
know where to start.  ON the day of our session, I sold 3 products.  For the
last six months, I have only been selling one product per month - those sales
were at a price that was not profitable.  I have been going non-stop selling
and making positive change in my life!  

In addition, I have been doing little things in my business, and personal
life, to really get things done. Some of these things are laughable, but I
am quite amazed at my recent accomplishments.

Best Regards,
M. Wesley

Trouble Waking Up and Eyelash Pulling

After only 1 session, here is a letter from a client who had been having trouble waking up just about ever since she was a little girl and also pulling at her eye lashes:

It has been one full week and I am sooooooo pleased! No eyelash pulling and I do the tapping thing every day in the shower to reaffirm that "I grow them lush and long". Also, I have been awakened naturally at 5am every day - you were right this is too early - even on the weekends!
I have beaten my boss into work every day and have referred her to your web-site should she choose to venture.

Thank you one thousand times! I am now freer to do more and have more energy to do it with since I'm not stressed about being late every day.

I expect I will make a follow-up appt in about 3 weeks to adjust my waking time to 6:30 from 5am - what was I thinking? Not trusting????? hmmmmm

Alexandra K.

Physically and Emotionally Stuck
I am sending this as a Thank You! For the wonderful session we had on Friday. It was such a relief. I actually cleaned out my car when I went home. Then I took a 4 hour nap. The next day I was full of energy and went out of the house to three places, taking care of things that have needed doing for weeks. I also got my hair cut. I parked far away from the doors so I could walk.

On Sunday I saw that, when I went to visit my mother about 4 years ago,  I "freaked out" about how she stayed in the mobile home with the drapes  drawn, mostly in bed if not watching TV. I was so shocked she and my 
drawn, mostly in bed if not watching TV. I was so shocked she and my sister were living like that. They would not go anywhere or get up and do anything. i must have gotten stuck in judgement of it and stuffed my horroe, there drawing it in to fix it and then got stuck in it. I let that go really fast!

I feel so different. No longer hopeless.

I just want to remind you what an amazing therapist you are. I was telling someone how intuitive and professional you are. You are one of the rare people I completely trust and can totally open up to. The results are so fast and so deep. You are truly wonderful. I cant wait until our next sessions. 

Melanie F.

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With helping hands and a caring heart, you bring so much to your work as a caring lady, and you make a wonderful difference.
Thanks for everything. Thanks for saying all the right things. I continue to do better. Will keep you posted.
Alice B.
Thanks for your positive energy and total great spirit. I wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed our sessions. I look forward to our next meeting. Consider yourself most appreciated. 
Julia M.
Success with Weight Watchers

Hi Seth, 

I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know I went to Weight 
Watchers this morning and weighed in. Down 4.8lbs! That is 7.5 this month 
alone. Thanks for everything and see you in a few weeks. 

Chelsea A.
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Better able to process and make changes.
Thank you for a very powerful and enlightening experience. I have much to process and feel better able to do so. 
Gratitude and Blessings,
Colette B.

Chewing Tobacco

I want to thank you for allowing me to understand the "Power of the Subconscious" - you are and angel- Thank You !!
Jon J.
Physical Changes From Stopping Smoking

I just wanted to drop you a note about my progress. Today is one week 
since I saw you and I have been successful at NOT smoking. It has been 
a bit difficult at times and I have used your method of tapping. I have 
not listened to the tape yet, but am sure I will. 

Thank you for your help in getting me to this point. I do not cough at 
night and the wheezing has stopped. I expect within a month I will 
notice a difference in my skin as well. 

Judy L.
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Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)

My appreciation and accolades for your wonderful guidance and hypnotherapy. I'm happy to report that I still have not pulled my hair out once, since our first session, and the urge is getting less and less, like you said. I really do feel like I have so much more of my life back! I'm a lot more relaxed at work, and I have been taking more time out for myself, since I feel clearer in mind after my two sessions with you.Thank you so, so much...for everything!

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A Thank You Note from Helping Someone To Stop Smoking With Hypnosis/1 Session


Hello, this is Chris Camp, you helped me quit smoking just over a
month ago, I am still happily living smoke free and I simply wanted to
say thank you. below are some testimonials you can use, if you want me
to upload any of them to any third party sites just let me know where
and I gladly will. I can’t thank you enough, you truly saved my life.


Chris Camp

“I was very skeptical about using hypnosis to quit smoking, I had been
smoking a pack a day for 15 years, I had tried to quit so many times
before, I had used the gum, the patch, nothing worked until my one
time appointment with Seth-Deborah. She answered all my questions,
made me feel very comfortable about the whole thing and then through
hypnosis give me the ability to quit that day and I am still smoke
free over a month later!”

“Hypnosis to quit smoking was much easier than I had ever imagined
quitting could have ever possibly been in my life! It works because I
don’t want a cigarette anymore! I can watch friends smoke and it is
not a problem at all.”

“I am very happy with the outcome of my hypnosis experience and would
recommend it to anyone”

“Being hypnotised was really enjoyable, very comfortable and relaxing,
closer to well guided deep meditation than anything else, I was in
control the and aware the entire time, and when it was over I felt on
top of the world because I knew I was smoke free for good, and now
over a month later I still am!”

“I have recommended hypnosis and more specifically Seth-Deborah, to
friends and family, and will continue to do so, I wish I had known
years ago how beneficial hypnosis can be.”

“Seth-Deborah helped me quit smoking in one session, I just wish I had
known about hypnosis years ago.

Continued »
More Time Now Not Smoking


Seth-Deborah, Thank you so much for your time last Wednesday evening. I came to you to stop smoking and....... I still have not smoked nor really cared to. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the time. I never realized that I actually planned time in my days and nights just to smoke. Well, I am getting more done at home and my dog gets to go for a lot more walks. I am already breathing better and my smokers cough is almost gone. I still use the inhaler at night but I can see that stopping as well. I use the CD you gave me everyday just like I promised. It really helps to keep the relaxation in my day and life.
I hope all is well with you.
I will keep you up to date on any changes. I choose to be smoke free!!!!
Thanks again,


Seth-Deborah, Thank you so much for your time last Wednesday evening. I came to you to stop smoking and....... I still have not smoked nor really cared to. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the time. I never realized that I actually planned time in my days and nights just to smoke. Well, I am getting more done at home and my dog gets to go for a lot more walks. I am already breathing better and my smokers cough is almost gone. I still use the inhaler at night but I can see that stopping as well. I use the CD you gave me everyday just like I promised. It really helps to keep the relaxation in my day and life.

I hope all is well with you.

 I choose to be smoke free!!!!

Thanks again,

Beverly B.

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Pre-op & Intra-op MP3's

Note to the HypNetwork international Yahoo Group:

Hello everyone,


I just wanted to tell you all a little story about how my mum used 

Seth-Deborah's inter-operative CD during her hip replacement surgery 



Firstly, my mum has been using my own audio programmes for a while 

now and managed to slow down deterioration in her hip and manage any 

pain, which has helped to hold off the need for surgery for the last 

five years - wonderful anecodotal evidence for self-hypnosis!


So she is a real fan of self-hypnosis and, when she finally decided 

to have the op - with epidural, light sedation and headphones - she 

wanted to be able to take a hypnosis audio into the surgery with her. 

(Unfortunately, she did not want to do the entire op in hypnosis, 

although I did offer - haha!)


My mum did not want to listen to my voice during the surgery as she 

was worried that all her associations with my voice might make her 

feel emotional. I realised that I needed to quickly find a solution - 

and, of course, the first person I thought of was Seth-Deborah.


My mum had her surgery this morning. I have just spoken to her on the 

phone. She had Seth-Deborah's inter-operative CD on her iPod all the 

way down to theatre and she said that the anaesthetist was amazed at 

how easily he could administer the epidural because she was so 

relaxed. My mum said she even listened to it again in the recovery 

room because it was so helpful!


So I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Seth-Deborah for looking after 

my mum so well and I'd like to offer this testimony to the fabulous 

effectiveness of her inter-operative CD!


Very best wishes,

Sophie Nicholls


I got your surgery hypnosis CD set today, it is outstanding, I love the music in the background, and your voice is great.


Lynette Graden

 2 weeks later.....


I just wanted to tell you that your audio CD's surgery for hypnosis are fantastic, they are really helping me to remain calmer than I thought I would be even at this stage. Your voice is so comforting and maternal


Lynette Graden


A year later.....


I will never forget your audio to help me through my surgery that I had for my back. I really believe it was thanks to you that I came through that surgery so well. Thanks for your great work and your great hypnotic voice.

Lynette Graden



I have used Seth-Deborah Roth's GLIDE THROUGH SURGERY for 3 major operations - and I would never go into a operation again without using them - They are the best I have ever seen in the past 40 years of working in the Medical field - Seth's MP3's are a godsend to helping you go through your surgery and recovery....."Seth-Deborah Roth - your sessions helped me more during my major surgeries than anything else I have ever used.""

- Doc Mac

A big thank you to Seth-Deborah Roth for your surgery Mp3s. Had a fabulous lap chole (gallbladder) removal today. Staff seemed to think I wasn't being honest with them about taking some kind of medication in pre-op as I was so relaxed...snoozing away until the anaesthetist disturbed me. Surgery was at 11- and I was home in bed by 2pm. Minimal bleeding of course and feeling great. Stiff but not too sore - enjoying the post op recovery mp3 this afternoon.
Tracy Donegan

Seth-Deborah, Thank you so much for your surgery hypnosis audio products!

I had surgery yesterday morning, to remove a 10cm cyst from my upper back, and the surgeon was sure I would be in serious need of pain medication.  But thanks to your hypnosis audios, I have needed NO PAIN MEDS at all in the first 24 hours!  Not even an aspirin. 

I listened to your pre-op session maybe six times in the two days I had it, and used your GLIDE session during surgery, and I've only listened to the post-op session once, immediately afterward.  Your hypnosis work rocks! 

Thanks again,David Wynn
"I wanted you to know my surgery is over and the cyst was benign.
Everything went very smoothly. In fact, I credit so much to the apps. Normally before surgery my blood pressure is very high and I am trembling severely. Yesterday my blood pressure was very normal and there was no trembling at all. In fact, I surprised myself at how composed I was."
ftrom Lynda M.

Tracy DoneganI had the most amazing gallbladder removal last year and used Seth-Deborah Roth's wonderful Mp3s. The staff kept asking me if I had taken any medication as I was so relaxed before being wheeled in. When the anesthetist came to chat to me before we went in he had to literally wake me up...he said it was the first time he'd ever had to wake someone up right before a surgery to put them to sleep. I took pain meds for about 3 days after - one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

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Glide Through Surgery 3 pack

Another email this morning from a patient using my "Glide Through Surgery" 3 Pack

Continued »

" I saw Seth because I was having trouble sleeping for several weeks and had
just about tried everything, including sleeping medication. I knew I needed
to eventually get off my sleep meds since I was going through fertility
treatments and trying hypnosis seemed like a good option and really my last

I had a great experience with Seth. I found her to be totally and
completely non-judgemental, like I could tell her anything and that she
genuinely wanted to help me get to a better place. I saw Seth just one time
and since then I have had little trouble sleeping and when I do I use the
relaxation techniques we discussed and the cd for relaxation she gives you
in the session. I was able to get off all my medication and continue my
fertility treatment where I got pregnant in the next cycle! So I highly
recommend Seth as a hypnotherapist. She has extensive training and has a
real talent in hypnosis!"

A. Berg

"Thank you for working with me last night. After our call I relaxed, spent a bit of time with my husband, and then went to bed. I fell asleep.. It was the first time I was able to
fall asleep without the Ambien. I slept until 9! So, our session made a difference... I think my body still needs to catch up on lost sleep.
I would like to have another appointment focused on my strengthening immune system."

Presenting at the 15th Annual UCSF Integrative Medicine Forum

Dear Seth-Deborah,

Thank you again for leading a workshop at the Forum last weekend! We heard
overwhelmingly positive feedback about your presentation*.* I hope you
enjoyed yourself! We would definitely look forward to working with you
again next year. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any
feedback on how we could make your experience better!

Have a wonderful summer!
Gratefully yours,

Kathy Cheung

Childbirth Hypnosis

Hi Seth,

Hi Seth,

Thank you for today's session. Ben and I are both excited to practice and use the techniques we learned today. You are a great teacher and so skilled in your craft! I also appreciate the work you have done with me. I will happily refer you anyone who asks. :)

Thanks again, warmly,

Medical Hypnotherapy Certification Course testimonial by Marshall N.Cyrlin M.D.

Testimonial of my Hypnothoughts Live 2014 Medical Hypnotherapy Certification Course by Marshall N.Cyrlin M.D.

"This course is an outstanding presentation of the scientific basis for, theoretical considerations and practical hypnotherapy techniques for a broad spectrum of medical conditions Seth-Deborah’s passion for her practice and teaching are unsurpassed."


I woke up to this email this morning. This is what it is all about :-)

Good morning Seth Deborah:
Thought you'd like to hear that last night went very well. I listened to the sweet sleep MP3 in bed and started to drift off while listening. I slept until 11:30, got up and went back to sleep. Felt the urge to get up at 3 but practiced a bit of self hypnosis and slept until 4:30. Was up for about half an hour but kept calm and positive and eventually drifted back off to a light sleep until 6:30.
This is the first night I have slept without taking any medication in over 5 years- which is amazing. I will continue to listen to "StressBusters" rail and the "Continuous Sound Sweet Sleep" at night and will check in next week.

I'm excited!

Thank you,

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Cancer Treatment Support

Thank you Seth-Deborah Roth! Not only did Dave Alexander GLIDE through the colectomy, he astonished the nursing team with how little pain meds he needed. Your hypnosis CDs WORK! We are now going to use the CDs for chemo and know they will have equally outstanding results! Thank you, truly you have made such a difference!

IBS Hypnosis Certification course


Hi Seth-Deborah
I have now completed the IBS Hypnotherapy Course. I would like to share some thoughts and observations regarding the course, and have also attached my completed IBS Hypnotherapy Course Exam form.
First of all I would like to put my hand on my heart and say that this course has been a complete game changer for me!
I am nearing the end of my studies to qualify as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and, subject to successful completion of my final assessment, will qualify for a Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy which is a formal Australian Government recognised qualification. For some time I have been trying to plan how to take my professional career forward after qualification, and much of the advice I got from people referred to needing to find my "niche" and "specialise" but I found nothing that really interested me enough to focus on. By chance I saw an advertisement from a clinic seeking to employ a hypnotherapist who specialised in gut directed hypnotherapy. In my training I had not heard of this work and so I did some quick searches and came across the work completed in the US and UK to help people with IBS. I found this very interesting and was very impressed with the large amount of medical research which supported the efficacy of this treatment. I made a post in a Facebook group regarding this subject and asked if anyone knew of how to access training regarding IBS hypnotherapy and fortunately I was sent a link to your website. I subsequently signed up and have now completed your course. Now that I have completed it I am fully committed to making IBS Hypnotherapy an area to specialise in and it really feels that my niche has now found me! This has helped give me some enormous clarity around my future career/business planning as I have a specific area to focus on and develop further my knowledge in.
I found your course to be a fantastic learning resource for me and it quickly gave me an indication of the credibility that this type of treatment has. I have to admit that the first module was very challenging for me, as I come from a non-medical background and so there was a need for me to listen through it a few times and read (and re-read!) the supporting notes until I began to understand the principles you were describing. Although it was hard work, I appreciated the detail and understood the need to be able to understand the basic principles of the condition that I will be trying to help people with. There was a significant amount of detail but I felt that this was fully appropriate and increased my respect for the course. I have done previous distance learning/online courses that have too much padding and skimp on the really important issues, a feeling which I never experienced with your course. I felt that the explanations and the way that you presented the information was very good and I was very impressed with the amount of detail contained in this first module.
Module 2 was equally well structured and I felt able to understand the information due to the initial grounding received from Module 1. I enjoyed learning more about IBS, particularly gaining an awareness regarding the tests/diagnosis and the impact it has on people's lives. This was very important to me, in order to be able to understand the road that clients have travelled and to be able to empathise with them effectively. I thought that the list of IBS Hypnotherapy research sources and summaries was a great addition - as someone who does not have any medical qualifications, I can see how beneficial this concise list will be when meeting with medical professionals as a reference to recognised research.
Module 3 was particularly impressive and I think that I enjoyed this module the most. In addition to building more knowledge regarding treating IBS with hypnotherapy, I also gained some great benefits regarding therapeutic treatments; I loved the sections regarding the Eye Movement Technique, EFT, Root Cause Tapping Technique and Bilateral Stimulation and could imagine using these to help clients with a variety of presenting issues. I also really gained a lot from the Regression and Parts Therapy sections and found the methods described really felt natural to use within my hypnotherapy.
Module 4 I found to be a great resource for delivering the therapy but also I did not expect the information regarding marketing and making contact with Doctors, which was extremely useful. As I now expected, the scripts were very comprehensive and of a high quality and scripts that I could relate to.
Overall, I really enjoyed this course. I gained a huge amount of knowledge and went from knowing nothing about this subject, to becoming someone who is now actively planning on how to create a career from this specialised area of hypnotherapy. I found the level of information to have exceeded all of my expectations and felt that the course was incredible value for the the amount of content.
I am very grateful to have found your course and so glad that I decided to sign up for it. It has changed my future plans and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody!!
Paul E.

Cancer Support with Hypnotherapy Certification course

I did not take the course “live,” but was impressed with the organization and ease with which I could access the course materials. A lot of information in a short amount of time.
I would definitely recommend this course to others. As a cancer survivor myself, I know what a valuable tool hypnosis can be. I wanted to develop a basic protocol for use with individuals diagnosed with cancer, when I came across this course. Everything was laid out for me, and I was thrilled.
Thank you for your work and effort pulling this all together.
Bonnie N.

 "I just finished! This was a fantastic course and recommend it highly! I was able to immediately use strategies and techniques for my dear ill friend. Her pain went from a 9-10 to a 1-2 for over 5 hours! Quality of Life! I was also adequately trained to know what questions to ask in order to understand her current belief system in regards to pain, expectations, and state of mind....all necessary and crucial information to guide me in my approach. Thank you for working with me to receive the materials so quickly. I feel very blessed. I'll get my exam to you tomorrow."

Linda Lee M.

Medical Hypnosis Training

Deborah Miller  My husband walked without assistance on day 9 days post total knee replacement surgery... and was mowing the lawn and checking oil in vehicles on day 12 thanks to pre- and post- surgery hypno, some of which I learned from you Seth-Deborah Roth!

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